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January 13, 2008

Bridgeport Signs

Some signs around 35th & Halsted

Bridgeport Restaurant

Careful Cleaners

A trio of funny businesses and a laundromat across the street.
Dollar Function

Shoo Bazaar


The Suds Factory

The Ramova Theater
Ramova Theater

Ramova Theater

A crude script of bricks proclaims the builder of this structure, now only appreciated by pigeons.
A. Schwarz

And finally, a strange mural in the window of a martial arts studio.
Sword Knife Staff

Tai Chi Chuan

January 14, 2008

Chicago Coffee Shops

Chicago is not known for its coffee shops, either of the Seattle cappuccino type or of the Los Angeles diner type. But there are a few of the latter kind scattered around the city.

Manny's Coffee Shop, near Maxwell Street Market
Manny's Coffee Shop

Standee's Coffee Shop, with its amazing swooshing arrow sign
Standee's Coffee Shop

DeMars Coffee Shop on Chicago Ave, part of a small chain. Its no longer open.
DeMar's Coffee Shop

And the good old Ohio House, a great little Googie-style motel and restaurant
Ohio House

January 16, 2008

Dead Signs

A few skeletons of old signs, their business promises now nothing but empty air.

Little Quiapu, a Filipino restaurant not very long ago.
Little Quiapu

Handa's Hand Car Wash

A flower shop still struggling on

And the twisted remnants of a square
Broken Arrow

January 18, 2008

Advertising Characters

I love signs with cartoon figures alongside the words. Many of these signs in Chicago are from the mid-20th century, when such characters were most popular.

Now thats a friendly Handee Car Wash
Handee Car Wash

Mr. Steer looks happy to serve you beef
Mr. Steer

A downright diseased-looking tooth advertising dentistry? Wash me!
Smile Dental

Mr. Snappy, looking pretty stern for an advertising character
Mr. Snappy

No snickers, its just a beaver who sells hardware
Crafty Beaver

This understated clothes pin is my favorite
Clothes Pin Laundromat

January 20, 2008

Spinning on a stick

Inspired by Bill Swislow's Gyros Project, here are a few of my photos of that delicious meat kissed by flames while rotating on a spit:

Chicago Carryouts, on Chicago Ave.
Chicago Carry-Outs

The sign at Hub's rotates on its axis just like the gyros served there
Hub's Gyros

This huge gyro in the midst of an inferno was an impressive relic of a restaurant previous to Peralvillo's Mexican Food. Several years ago the whole building was torn down to build condos and a Walgreens.
Peralvillo #2

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