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West Chicago Avenue

Loop Tavern

A short bike tour along Chicago Avenue to photograph the old signs there.

Cafe Central

I like the lettering of the Cafe Central sign.

Mr. Moose's Youth Center

Cat on the Table

Some fun details of hand painted signs and murals along the street. A cat dances on a table for a cockatiel and several sad-faced dogs who would rather be playing poker.

Fashion Box

At the Fashion Box, a palimpsest of a prior tenant. Instead of the transient lettering wearing away, this time it is the white ground that has been eroded to the plastic sign below.

Skippy's Red Hots

Skippy's Red Hots

Across the street is Skippy's Red Hots, one of the smallest storefront businesses in the city. The tiny building looks like an afterthought. Perhaps the narrow gap between larger structures was once an alley?


Alcala's Western Wear is well known for its caballero style, and advertised by plastic cowboys on horseback outlined in neon.

0619_0044 copy

Traveling farther west on Chicago Avenue into Ukranian Village, many of the businesses and signs switch languages and alphabets.

Love is

I may adore pizza, but I hate that awful "Love Is" cartoon. At least the little guy kept his clothes on for dinner this time.


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