the 45th Parallel

Ferndale, Ontario

PJs Groceries

The 45th Parallel crosses the Bruce Peninsula from Stokes Bay to Lion's Head, but there seems to be little commemoration of its passage for the traveller. At a lonely crossroads of Highway 6 and Sideroad #5 there is a gas station with a deteriorating sign on its north wall, slightly north of the Parallel.

PJs Sign

The polar bear points out for those Canadians fleeing the frigid arctic north, you are half way from the North Pole, but halfway to where? Halfway there, why not stop for a snack? There is no corresponding greeting on the other side of the building for loony travellers who might be headed toward the North Pole: they're on their own.


1/2 way from the North Pole


Breakfast. Lunch. Snacks

Restaurant. Ice Cream

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