BUILD YOUR OWN CHICAGO with these miniature paper construction models. Rome wasn't built in a day, but Chicago was, and you can do it too! Your favorite Chicago landmarks are available printed on cardstock suitable for mailing to a friend as a greeting from our fair city. Or keep it for yourself as a souvenir of your visit. Click here to find our catalog as well as helpful information about how to construct the models.

Visit the MINNESOTA MUSEUM OF THE MISSISSIPPI, whose collections spotlight unusual natural and manmade phenomena. Click here to see reports from museum field trips, experience intriguing home-built environments and browse the exhibit halls, including the popular Pancakes Across America galleries.

Have a frosty mug with the GREAT AMERICAN ROOT BEER SHOWDOWN, an ongoing experiment to discover the best bottled root beer in the USA. Read reviews by our panel of taste testers and find out about obscure brands of soda pop you may have never heard of before.

Take a trip down the alley with the RAT PATROL bike squadron, made from 99% recycled trash. Explore a part of the city you may not often visit. Hear the call of the Rat, drawing you to ride endlessly in circles and Buy the Slice.

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