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Our Lady of Grace Grotto

by Matt Bergstrom

In the Mississippi River town of West Burlington in southeastern Iowa there is an interesting attraction made of rocks and cement. It is the Our Lady of Grace Grotto, next to the catholic church.

Fathers Kaufman and Levey built the completed the grotto in 1929. Most of the thousands of stones that make up the bridges and fountains of the grotto are geodes cracked open to reveal shiny crystals. There are also some rocks collected from around the world. The fathers intended the grotto to be a quiet place to meditate on God's grace.

In time, however, decay set in and the Grotto was grown over and deteriorated. In 1979 citizen action restored the grotto and it was rededicated.

According to the plaque, it is "one of the more interesting places in Iowa for tourists of all faiths to visit."


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