Rockome Gardens

Rainbow Archway

The simple geometry of the rainbow Archway makes it one of the more compelling sculptures at Rockome Gardens. The circular holes in the concrete were most likely formed over bottles or cans which were removed once the concrete hardened. The proportions of the archway recall the arch on top of the hill at the Jubilee Rock Garden. Is it possible one inspired the other?

The sidewalk above likely once ran through the arch, but is now diverted by a flower bed. Viewed from the side, the arch is not very thick. Perhaps it is too fragile to sustain foot traffic?

Near the archway a fireplace and barbecue grill enclose a picnic patio with several crumbling rock picnic tables.

The sturdy proportions and geometric panels of pink granite of the Snack Bar sign base seem also to be close stylistically to the constructions at the Jubilee Rock Garden. Its unclear whether the base was originally meant to hold a sign or was made for some other purpose.


Near the picnic patio is a Seussian birdhouse on a twisted pole. The lively sculpture was built in the mid-1940s. The birdhouse entrance is small enough for a wren and the exterior is embedded with broken glass, forks, dice and other bric-a-brac.

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