Rockome Gardens

Rainbow Entrance

It seems as if entrances to the pre-theme park Rockome were through these gates along the west side of the park. The larger Cabin Entrance or Rainbow Entrance (named for the long arch over the gate) opens onto a wide lawn. To the left we see the white house that would later become the Amish House, a cabin which would later become the park snack bar, and on the lawn between, two rock lighthouses.

The most impressive features of the old Rockome were the extensive rock fences, in numerous repeating patterns. These curly fences look oddly familiar. They look uncannily similar to the heart-shaped fences in the center of the garden at the Dickeyville Grotto.

The Pagoda Entrance was later blocked off by the construction of a house for the park owners. But it is still there, hidden just a few feet behind the house.

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