Rockome Gardens

Bottle Castle

The Bottle Castle is a square structure made from nearly 8,000 12 oz. green 7-Up bottles. The castle was built in 1987-88 as the entryway to the new Haunted Cave attraction, decades later than the two bottle houses.

The castle is built up from a stone base. The windows and doors are framed in wood but are not enclosed. The ceiling of the structure is made from 2x4s and plywood. White and blue insulators crown the crenelations of the roof. The upper half of the square walls are made from 7-Up bottles set in cement with the necks on the inside, the same method used for the Rhyolite bottle house. On a gloomy day the bottles bring a vivid green glow into the castle. The castle appears to be just a waiting area for entering the Haunted Cave directly behind it. If the interior had been enclosed from the weather by windows or doors it might have made for a picturesque space for a cafe or small shop.

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