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Full speed ahead

Well, another late evening of work on the boat. On Wednesday night it all seemed discouraging. We had added another pillow block near the center of the boat to try to prevent the axle from flexing so much when pedaling hard. But now its harder to turn at all times. Nothing on the boat is very straight, and the shims we had to add to the axle aren't very round, or on center, so it adds up to extra friction. Not such easy spinning as before, even after all the adjustments we tried. We'll just lay on a bunch of oil and hope the drive train smooths itself out in the end.

But Thursday night we were finally making progress and it was fun again. Adding the last details and drilling holes to fit all the last parts. Its looking good. And now it seems again as if it will be all finished tonight and ready for tomorrow's launch. By then the boat should have a name and be ready for the champagne. See you all there!

Saturday the 18th - 10/11am - 3400 N Rockwell (between Belmont & Addison)

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As Charles Kuralt said, "America is a great story and there's a river on every page." Happy Pedaling!

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