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On Monday it became clear that we would have to push the launch date back another week. Some of the steps to assemble the boat suddenly became more complicated than they'd first appeared. First of all, getting the pillow blocks for the axle bearings was more difficult than anticipated. Motion Industries, the specialists in such arcane parts, didn't have the size we needed. The larger size would be workable, but they only had one in stock that day.

Pillow Block

Another trip downtown, another day, and we were finally able to position the axle on the frame with both bearings in place.

Positioning the axle

Turns out I didn't plan the frame position very well. There isn't much room to fit the gear so that it doesn't rub against the pipes in back or in front. Fortunately Mike had a spare half-link so we could adjust the chain length so that the axle lies in the center. But now the chain is rubbing against the stays!


After a lot of banging with a hammer and pulling on the pipe bender the chain seems to turn freely.

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